Monday, March 05, 2012

Thesis progress

I don't believe it's been more than two months since I updated this blog! I've been traveling and visiting family in India with my one-and-a-half year old who already seems to have entered her "Terrible twos" phase! Thanks to my family for keeping me sane while also giving me time to wrap up my thesis. Here are some works-in-progress from my thesis project "Mekalai" I'm kind of overwhelmed by the amount of work I have left to do, but with each new painting and idea I'm very excited to see how this unfolds itself. Thanks to my advisor Sherrie for helping me through this!

This is the some-what complete color-script of the entire feature film. I'm still working on some of the hard-to-read ones!
The scene where Mekalai finds the secret mural
*I'm not sure why the purple shadow areas show up so light in the larger view*
On her way to the land of the Yakshini

And the evil Rakshasha awaits to prey;

Mekalai meets the Yakshini; I wanted this scene to have a "Wizard of Oz -Emerald city" look. Still working on completing the details on this one.

Working on the getting the right angle for this one; this is the moment Mekalai falls into her "adventure"

Research for mangrove trees; trying to figure out a unique look for the surreal world, I went with adding swirls to the branches and roots to keep with the Indianess of the film.

You'd be surprised at how many huts I researched; and they are all so unique in design!

Had a lot of fun with these!

The bird-creature that is kind of a guardian to Mekalai all along her adventure; even-though they really never meet, it's always there... The bird is a hybrid of an egret, peacock and a luna moth.

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